Video for Change Curriculum Chapter 2 – Introduction to Video Advocacy



Chapter 2 outlines the foundation of video advocacy, focusing on creating a strategic video advocacy plan. The first session explores the strengths and limitations of using video advocacy and introduces the best practices of video advocacy. In the second session, participants will review a range of video advocacy case studies and begin to develop a video advocacy plan, which they will finish in the fifth session. The third session helps ensure participants have a clear objective with their video, and the fourth ensures they have evaluated and prioritized their audiences and can determine how and when their intended audiences will see their video.

Included in this Chapter:

  • Introduction to Video Advocacy
  • Develop a Video Advocacy Plan and Review Case Studies
  • Create a S.M.A.R.T. Advocacy Objective
  • Audience Assessment
  • Share Your Video Advocacy Plan

You can also download the complete Video for Change Curriculum here.

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