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The WITNESS Library is home to over 240 training resources in more than 27 languages. It includes everything from storytelling to interviewing survivors of abuse to creating an overarching strategy for advocacy with video.

In all of our partnerships, we learn.  And because we believe this knowledge belongs to the movement, not to WITNESS, our goal with the Library is to fulfill the ethical responsibility of  sharing this knowledge with communities, movements, and activists that are trying to use video to document, advocate and defend human rights.  Ultimately, we believe this knowledge can contribute to the liberation of the communities that have been historically marginalized or excluded by colonial/capitalist/ patriarchal forces around the world.

We encourage you to download, add to, remix, translate, adapt and share these materials with your own networks.  Have a comment or question? Reach out!

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WITNESS helps people use video and technology to protect and defend human rights. Every day, activists and citizens risk their lives to expose the truth. We help make sure their efforts aren’t in vain. WITNESS is a leader of a global movement that uses video to create human rights change.

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