A Library of Free Resources
for Video Activists, Trainers
and Their Allies
Here are some resources to get you started

How to Make Videos for Change

Assorted resources that present the fundamentals in developing a video advocacy strategy to help you create videos that affect change.

Video as Evidence Field Guide

A guide to help eyewitnesses and activists safely, ethically and effectively use video to document abuses and support the process of bringing perpetrators to justice and free the wrongly accused.

Filming Protests and Police Misconduct

Basic practices for safely and effectively documenting police misconduct and filming protests as an individual or as a team.

Archiving Video

Why archiving is important and what you need to know to preserve your human rights videos for advocacy or evidentiary purposes.

Working With Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

A guide for activists, advocates, citizen journalists, filmmakers and others who are filming and conducting interviews with survivors of gender-based violence for human rights.

Video Production Basics

These resources provide guidance on safely and effectively producing human rights videos.

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