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Right to Record Explainer Video

This explainer video on the Right to Record provides insights from different contexts, featuring WITNESS staff perspectives on the radical power of the non-violent tool that is video.

WITNESS launched the global campaign ‘RightToRecord: Protest. Resist. Exist’ in November 2022, to support truth-tellers and movement-builders to better protect this critical right and action.

Documenters across the world have found great value in recording violations during protests and demonstrations, during the run-up to elections, in situations of war and conflict, in highlighting environmental degradation, harm to Indigenous communities and Black lives, and many other abuses.

The Right to Record, as recognized by the United Nations, is linked inextricably to the freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, the right to access information, the right to publish, and the right to life.

We still protest. We still resist. We still exist.

Read the campaign blog for more information, and see how the Right to Record movement was first seeded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2019.

Watch our recent Huddle on the Right to Record and its impact on community defenders around the world, with members of the Video4Change Network and WITNESS team.

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