Using Video to Support Justice and Accountability for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence


Human rights defenders tackling sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) are already using video as a tool for advocacy and to empower survivors and effect change. However, the use of video to investigate and document SGBV crimes has yet to reach its full potential as trial-ready evidence. To help combat impunity, our guide looks at how video can be gathered and used to document the legal elements of SGBV crimes. This guide was created so that frontline documenters and community advocates can capture high-quality, trustworthy, and actionable video documentation, and how this evidence:
  • can strengthen fact-finding and monitoring reports
  • be used in criminal justice processes to bring perpetrators to justice
  • and help achieve other forms of justice for victims and survivors.
Inside the Guide you’ll find in-depth research and guidance from expert practitioners, preparation and assessment tools, case studies, and exercises.

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