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Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit

The Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit is a compilation of PDF and video resources for activists, social movements and communities fighting evictions. From outlining the obligations of governments to sharing videos that help foster debate and inspire mobilization, the Toolkit provides critical resources to support the efforts of those advocating against forced evictions locally and globally, as well as those working to raise awareness on the issue. The Toolkit was created by WITNESS and Amnesty International.

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Included in the Toolkit:
  • VIDEO: “Evict Them! In Five Easy Steps” is a satirical animation and effective attention grabber that shows how governments and corporations often behave when forcibly evicting a community. It can be a great way to spark debate and introduce the issue. (2 min)
  • VIDEO: “People Before Profit” brings together stories of forced evictions from 11 countries and highlights the common patterns of violations that occur before, during and after evictions. It also features the brave resistance of affected communities rising up to defend their rights. Screen it in meetings or debates to help communities locate their struggles within a global context, learn from each others’ experiences and build solidarity. (11 min)
  • TIP SHEET: “How to Film Forced Evictions” provides quick tips on safely and successfully filming a forced eviction. It can be used to effectively prepare community leaders, legal observers and advocates that may use video to document unlawful evictions.
  • GUIDE: “Forced Evictions: Know Your Rights” is a straightforward list of the key components of the right to housing. Useful for communities and advocates interested in using human rights principles and frameworks to protect their rights.
  • GUIDE: “Know Your Obligations: A Guide to Preventing Forced Evictions” is aimed at public officials, this guide outlines government’s’ responsibilities to uphold international human rights standards by providing practical guidance on the main measures that must be undertaken when planning development projects that may lead to evictions.

Elements of the Toolkit are available in:
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