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Rohingya Genocide Archive: Launch Event

In 2017, first-hand video documentation, including mobile videos of atrocities perpetrated against the Rohingya in Rakhine State, Myanmar started emerging. The following year, WITNESS forged a partnership with Rohingya Vision, a leading Rohingya-led media organization, to create the Rohingya Genocide Archive (RGA) in response to an urgent need to preserve evidence of crimes for future accountability.

As a result of our investment in this work, 634 videos to date have been archived that capture visual evidence of genocidal crimes. The archive has been shared with leading international and regional investigative bodies to help build their cases toward justice and accountability.

This live event features WITNESS’ Arul Prakkash, Senior Program Manager Asia & the Pacific, Yvonne Ng, Manager of Programs, Archives as well as Muhammed Noor and Saqib Sheikh of Rohingya Vision.

Region/Country Asia, Burma (Myanmar), southeast Asia
Topic(s) Livestreaming
Type Webinar
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