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Eyes On ICE: Webinar Series



Watch our #EyesOnICE webinar with the Immigrant Defense Project (IDP) to learn important “know your rights” and tactical information around documenting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

ICE continues to surveil, target, and harass immigrant communities, often showing up at homes in nondescript clothing, identifying as police officers, or using fabricated stories to gain entry. In an escalating climate of fear and uncertainty for immigrant communities, WITNESS and IDP remain committed to protecting immigrant communities and supporting activists and organizers.

Filming these encounters on a cellphone or other device, if possible, can help expose illegal activity and human rights abuses committed by ICE officers, deter violence, substantiate reports and serve as evidence. However, if footage isn’t captured and/or shared safely and ethically, there can be unintended harm to both the person being filmed and the person filming.

Find more the slide presentation and additional resources from the webinar here. You can also watch the webinar in Spanish here.

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